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Integrated marketing

A comprehensive integrated online marketing campaign benefits from cross utilisation of marketing intelligence from different platforms.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation servicesSEO - Search Engine Optimisation - The process of tuning your website to deliver the best possible results from search engines.

There are three parties involved in the process.

  • Your web site
  • The search engine
  • Your customer

You have a product, service or information on your site that you want your potential customer to find. Your potential customer wants to find that product/service using a search engine. The search engine want to deliver the best possible results to the search.

And it goes without saying that you want the search engine to deliver your site.

How does SEO work?

Ethical search engine optimisation works by ensuring that the keywords that define your product or service are correctly represented within your pages, and that external links from sites with relevant content point at your page. Perhaps a overly simple explanation of the process, but at the heart of the process you are match making.

Why should I care?

You should care because that is how most of the visitors to your site will find you, by clicking on the natural listings in the search engine results.

Long term gains

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy that no business that operates online can ignore. A well optimised site will consistently produce well qualifies, targeted traffic and will weather the periodic changes name by the search engines as they improve their search criteria.

SEO - the process

We start by identifying the key words and phrases that are relevant your business. If this is an existing site we will then review your site to see how well it performs against the keyword criteria. We will then recommend any modifications to the content and tune all of the coding features that help contribute to the overall attractiveness of the page.

One the initial update to the site has been completed we monitor your sites analytics and review visitor behaviour, we also monitor search engine performance for your key words. We interpret the results at return to the site to fine tune the pages.

At the same time we will build external links from relevant sites to help build your site's authority. We will also advise on additional beneficial campaigns such as Bloging, and social media marketing that will help produce improved natural listings.


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PPC Management

Pay per Click campaigns can be an effective traffic generation tool. We provide effective management for your campaigns.

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